The best accessories to enhance your indoor cycling experience

While it is true that having an indoor cycling bike or a good cycling trainer is usually enough to carry out our workouts, it is always possible to improve the sessions if they are complemented with specific accessories for each machine that allow us to work making the most of all possible benefits. In this article we analyze which are the best accessories for indoor cycling and how to improve your performance with them, read on to find out more!

Indoor cycling accessories: the essentials

The essential accessories for indoor cycling are those that serve to complement its functions and in most cases are essential to carry out each session. In this section we analyze the most important ones so that you know what products you need if you are thinking of starting indoor cycling at home.

XDR Core or SRAM XDR core

The XDR core is a part designed to improve the compatibility of some rollers, such as Smart ZDrive, so that you will be able to attach any bicycle cassette of this type (i.e. for any SRAM XDR cassette). The SRAM XDR core is usually intended for gravel or cyclocross bikes.

Chest strap heart rate monitor

It stands out for its high accuracy and for the safety and peace of mind it provides while we are exercising. The heart rate monitor band offers very accurate measurements of heart rates, also this type of device includes the latest generation of connectivity to facilitate linkage to other devices where to observe the measurements, be safer and maximize the efficiency of training thanks to the chest heart rate monitor.

Spinner and bike mat

The spinning bike mat or bicycle roller mat is another essential accessory for indoor cycling because it will reduce vibrations and avoid causing discomfort to our neighbors. You must make sure that it is made of high quality materials so that it is insulating and does not break, therefore, you should look for a special exercise bike mat for it.

Battery for rollers and cycle bike

Depending on the brand and product you use, you can purchase an indoor cycle bike and roller that allows you to make use of a complementary battery, so you will gain in independence and you will not need a plug to be able to work wherever and however you want, as is the case of ZPower batteries for ZYCLE products. In addition, the latter offers a fast charging capacity and an international connection system.

Roller thru axle

The roller thru axle or roller thru axle adapter is a part that is used to attach the bicycle to the roller in a comfortable and simple way, adapting it to the roller and improving safety -suitable for magnetic rollers, such as Smart ZPro-. It crosses the entire bike from one side to the other, threading into one of the sides. It is not necessary in all cases, depending on the model of bicycle, but the most common sizes of thru axles or quick releases for rollers usually range between 9 and 12 mm. The 9 mm quick release for rollers was the most common a few years ago, although nowadays the most standardized models are the 12 mm ones. The latter replace the 9 mm ones, improving fastening, stability and security on the bike.


The ANT+ USB system (or ANT+ USB stick) works as an antenna with ANT+ protocol that allows pairing between several devices. This pairing applied to the indoor cycling sector is very useful when you want to link an indoor bike or a bike trainer to a virtual cycling simulator. In this way, they can communicate with each other and transfer information back and forth without the need for cables. ANT plus USB offers great compatibility with a multitude of devices.

Bicycle sweat cover

Although you can make use of other products or fabrics to protect your bicycle, the bicycle sweat cover is the most recommended as it adapts perfectly to the vehicle, preventing the towel or cloth from slipping while you exercise. In addition, the bicycle sweat cover is made with special materials thanks to which it is possible to carry out the absorption of sweat without soaking the metal elements of the bike. Keep in mind that sweat is one of the most corrosive elements of the bike, so make sure that the bike is dry when you finish using it.

Other spinning accessories

We have just seen several of the accessories for indoor cycling that you cannot miss if you want to get the most out of your vehicle. However, there are other products that are also very useful and can be used to carry out your cycling sessions at home. Some of these accessories for spinning are:

  • Bike bottle holder: If you are using a bike on a roller, make sure that it has a bottle holder so that you can place it and drink when necessary. This way you will avoid dehydration, especially if the intensity of the exercise is high or it is very hot.
  • Water bottle: Static indoor cycling bikes usually have a bottle holder with a water bottle, but if this is not the case, equip it with one and buy a resistant and ergonomic water bottle that allows you to hold it firmly and prevent it from slipping. Also, opt for a model with a special spout to make drinking easier.
  • Clothing: Of course, workout clothes are essential, especially to improve your comfort on the seat -such as shorts-, as well as the jersey to improve perspiration in the indoor cycling session.
  • Indoor cycling shoes: Ideally, you should use specific shoes with cleats that perfectly accommodate the pedals and you can practice your exercise comfortably.
  • Towel: The towel will come in handy to remove sweat from your face and even your hands so you can exercise comfortably at home.

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