RooDol by ZYCLE roller rollers

RooDol roller rollers

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Aluminium and PVC roller rollers, for intensive and moderate use

Looking for a replacement roller trainer? Have you increased the intensity level of your workouts and need more demanding roller trainers? The RooDol by ZYCLE bike rollers are designed to allow you to perform any workout and to allow you to warm up anywhere. Two models are available, in aluminium and PVC:

  • Aluminium rollers: They are the ideal choice if you are one of those who train every day with the bike, they also perfectly dissipate the heat caused by the friction of the tyres, reducing the wear of the tyres. They are available in two different sizes of 60 mm and 90 mm.
  • PVC bicycle rollers: Recommended for your weekly training sessions. In addition, they generate optimal resistance that simulates the most realistic sensations of road cycling. They make perfect use of the qualities of PVC and its resistance to corrosion and impacts.

All our rollers adapt to the RooDol by ZYCLE frames, they also stand out for their extremely silent operation and the excellent quality of their materials that offer different sensations and experiences when riding your bike.

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Details of RooDol by ZYCLE bicycle rollers

  • Available in various sizes and for any RooDol by ZYCLE bench.
  • They are extremely quiet.
  • They reduce tyre wear and dissipate heat perfectly.

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RooDol roller rollers
39.00 69.00 

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