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Tablet holder for ZBike exercise bike

Tablet holder


Comfortably use your exercise bike with tablet holder

Our exercise bike tablet holder allows you to use your tablet on the most advanced ZBike smart bike on the market and view any of the most popular cycling simulators on the market. This device fits all tablets thanks to its adjustable design. In addition, our exercise bike tablet mount provides a great fit, so your device will be completely secure – no matter how hard you work! This high quality attachment system for our ZBike is intended to make it easier for you to use your tablet while riding our indoor bike and to protect your device against falls or vibration shocks.

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Details of the tablet holder for ZBike

  • Fits perfectly to any tablet.
  • It offers great fixation and prevents falls.
  • It is the best option to use your favourite cycling simulator on your tablet.

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Tablet holder

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