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Discover the revolution with the NEW Smart ZBike 2.0 Edition

Elevate your experience

ZBike 2.0


The most advanced smart bike on the market

The Smartbike ZBike 2.0 combines cutting-edge technology with state-of-the-art features. With a sophisticated and elegant design, the Smart ZBike 2.0 is an ideal training tool for cyclists and fitness enthusiasts looking for a unique experience.

Thanks to its gear shifting, which simulates that of a 15-speed single speed bike, you will enjoy a more realistic and challenging cycling experience. This electronic system of backlit buttons is fully integrated into the handlebars, trying to replicate the same sensations that a cyclist has on his bike.

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  • Silent training

    The ZBike 2.0 is extremely quiet. Thanks to its Poly-V mail, the noise level of its drive system is minimal, allowing you to enjoy a quiet environment while immersing yourself in exciting virtual worlds during your workouts.

  • Maximum adaptability

    The ZBike 2.0 is fully adaptable to different people, both men and women. Ideal for people with different training motivations. It is perfect both for those users who are looking for an intense and effective workout climbing a mythical mountain pass and for users who simply want to ride while enjoying an indoor cycling class with their favourite music.

  • New features in the Zycle app

    To make your workouts even easier, the new Zycle app offers exciting features, such as a screen where you can view all the data obtained during your session by simply connecting your ZBike 2.0 with your smartphone or tablet.

What does the ZBike 2.0 Smart Exercise Bike offer me?

2,000 W power

± 2% Watt estimation


Automatic resistance

Hybrid use Cycling & Fitness

ZBike 2.0 is compatible with cycling simulators and fitness apps, so you can train comfortably with the tool you normally use. We adapt to you!

Automatic resistance adjustment according to your training session

Thanks to the new features implemented in ZBike 2.0 the resistance will automatically adjust to your training session, allowing you to give your best without having to worry about adjusting it manually.

Very low noise

ZBike 2.0 stands out for its low noise level. It is an extraordinarily quiet device that will allow you to enjoy training sessions with maximum peace of mind.

Simulators compatible with this indoor bike

The new ZBike 2.0 also offers new free trial coupons on the best simulators and fitness apps on the market, allowing you to explore new training experiences and take your sessions to the next level.

ZBike 2.0 is compatible with most cycling simulators and most fitness apps. Try it out!

USB charging port

ZBike 2.0 has a USB charging port so you don't have to worry about running out of battery at any point in your training, without losing synchronisation with your simulator. Train without pauses!

Simple and quick assembly

Getting your ZBike 2.0 ready is easy and you won't need any help. You'll find an instruction manual in the box, and in just a few minutes you'll be ready to start riding your new ZBike.

Perfect position

The ZBike 2.0 features a V-frame design with adjustable saddle and handlebars, the ideal configuration for the perfect position during your training rides.

Why buy the ZBike 2.0 professional exercise bike?

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Made in Spain

Features of the fitness bike

Contents of the ZBike 2.0 spinning and cycling bike box

ZBike 2.0
12V transformer
Mixed pedals
spd compatible
Premium simulator subscriptions
Mobile phone holder
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ZBike 2.0

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