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Thru axle for Thru Axel roller 12 mm

Thru Axle 12 mm



Thru Axle 12 mm, thru axle for roller and bicycle rear wheels

This thru axle allows you to adapt your bike to the Smart ZPro roller if you have a 12 mm rear hub. The thru axle is a device that crosses the entire hub of the bike from one side to the other and is screwed on the other side. At ZYCLE we have 7 models of axles available which vary according to the length and thread pitch of the fastener. Please note that the choice of the type of fastener to use with your ZYCLE roller depends on the diameter and length of the axle fitted to the rear wheel of your bicycle.

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Details of thru-axle adapter for roller 12 mm

  • Threading system to attach the bike to the roller in a comfortable and simple way.
  • 7 models available depending on the length and thread pitch of the lock.
  • For 12 mm rear locking types.

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Thru Axle 12 mm

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