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Discover the ZYCLE smart bike roller

Experience a unique level of training with the most realistic cycling sensations from your living room. This trainer has the ability to reproduce slopes very accurately. In addition, it is powerful and offers unmatched performance so you can give your best in every workout and improve your records. Using this trainer is a unique and incredible experience thanks to its power and performance.

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  • Extreme simulation with the best smart roller

    The Smart ZPro smart roller is designed with state-of-the-art resistance that automatically adjusts to your cycling simulator route, giving you the most realistic on-road experience.

  • Noisless for you to enjoy your workouts

    With this interactive roller you will not have to worry about the noise and inconvenience you may cause to your neighbors. Its magnetic resistance system and the device’s ventilation equipment make it one of the quietest on the market.

  • An interactive bicycle roller with maximum stability for professionals

    The Smart ZPro takes falls and destabilization out of the equation thanks to its modern, sophisticated design with telescoping legs that takes safety into account when using it, so you can focus specifically on your workouts and improving performance.

Discover the Smart ZPro trainer

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Features of the Smart ZPro roller

1.200 W power

± 5% Watts Estimation

Very quiet

Automatic resistance

Automatic resistance for the most realistic experiences

The main reason why this device is considered the best smart roller is because of its state-of-the-art and sophisticated automatic resistance that adjusts to the simulation terrain while the bike is being used, without the need to perform any complementary action.

Try the latest generation of roller connections

With the Smart ZPro you can enjoy the most stable and state-of-the-art connections to enjoy the most popular cycling simulators on the market. The Smart ZPro is the best smart trainer for many reasons. It stands out for its Bluetooth FTMS connection.

Simulators compatible with the Smart ZPro smart bike trainer

ZYCLE gives you the possibility to train with the most popular cycling simulators on the market. In addition, it offers high quality connectivity, without signal loss and with a system that is very easy to link to your indoor cycling trainer.

Maximum compatibility with any type of wheel

The Smart ZPro Smart Roller is compatible with wheels from 20" to 29" inches. Thanks to the design of its adjustable axles it is possible to adjust it to different wheel sizes.

Experience without limits

This roller is designed for the ultimate indoor cycling performance, with a totally realistic experience and maximum speed and cadence.

Easy to assemble

Smart ZPro is an easy-to-use and easy-to-mount device, as it is calibrated directly from the factory. In addition, it fits any wheel and weighs less than 12 kg.

Why buy the Smart ZPro smart bike roller?

Free shipping

Secure payment

Made in Spain

Features of the Smart ZPro roller

Power estimation

Accuracy of power output estimation of 5%.

Compatible bikes

Road 130 mm.

Mountain 135 mm, 142* mm and 148* mm.


Measures speed and cadence, allowing for a realistic cycling feel and high responsiveness.

Wheel Friendly

Fits all wheel sizes (20″-29″).

Weight 14 kg

Elevate your experience with a more realistic workout.


810 mm x 620 mm x 412 mm

Features of the Smart ZPro roller

What you can find in the box of the best Smart ZPro smart roller

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9mm clasp
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