ZYCLE Spain: indoor bicycles and rollers with an international presence

We are a company specialized in the manufacture and sale of indoor bicycles and rollers, as well as other accessories, such as heart rate monitors and batteries for your ZYCLE device.

100% made
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International distribution

We are a company specialized in the manufacture and sale of high-quality indoor bicycles and rollers designed to help you improve your cycling performance. Our company is located in Valencia, specifically in Massalfassar, although we have a large international presence as our brand reaches many destinations around the world. Our ZYCLE bicycles and rollers are manufactured in Spain taking into account the latest technological innovations and innovations in the sector, and of course with the highest quality materials that provide the best benefits.

Technological innovation, quality and respect for the environment

Our commitment is focused on quality and the constant search for excellence, based on technological innovation to design devices that simulate the most realistic experience possible in the world of indoor cycling. We have designed the most advanced smart bike on the market and bike trainers that will allow you to obtain speed, power and cadence data in each training session. In addition, of course, to offering great compatibility with the main cycling simulators thanks to our state-of-the-art connectivity system.

At ZYCLE we take the planet very seriously, which is why we take matters into our own hands throughout the manufacturing process of our devices and make sure we comply with environmental regulations. In addition, we manufacture with renewable energy thanks to our photovoltaic installations.


The brand of indoor bikes and rollers you need for your training

Our mission is to offer a product suitable for all audiences, which allows you to improve professional performance and at a fair and competitive price, which is why we are one of the best brands of indoor bicycles and rollers for bicycles. Highlights our automatic magnetic resistance system that allows you to train as if you were away from home.

The purpose of our brand of bicycle and indoor bike rollers is for the consumer to be able to make the most of their workouts, improve their marks and pedaling coordination with the most real cycling sensations, and all of this, from their living room! ! ZYCLE Spain has a bike that stands out for being a hybrid between cycling and fitness, with a sophisticated gear change through its integrated buttons; but also by the rollers of the brand, which can be direct transmission, rollers and magnetic.

We are present in the main competitions and we are already part of the essential sports equipment of many elite athletes and professional cycling teams. Thanks to our brand of indoor bicycles, rollers and cycling accessories, we are of great support in training and warm-ups prior to the most important cycling competitions.

Take another step in your indoor training with high-tech products.

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