Smart ZDrive, the direct drive roller you need

Smart ZDrive, the direct drive roller you need




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Discover the ZYCLE direct drive roller

Our first direct drive roller from ZYCLE is compatible with any type of bike (MTB, Road, Gravel, eBikes…), with wheels ranging from 26″ to 29″ inches. In addition, you will have the latest performance thanks to the modern technology with which it has been equipped and, of course, you will experience the most realistic pedaling sensation you can imagine.

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  • Is it possible to enjoy training?
    With the Smart ZDrive there is no doubt that it is.

    When it comes to a direct drive trainer for indoor cycling, the Smart ZDrive is your best choice. With this latest generation product you will have a transmission roller that will allow you to live the most realistic indoor cycling experience. It has been equipped with the latest technology in the industry, with the ability to simulate a 20% incline while training with your bike and your live simulator.

  • An interactive direct drive roller with the latest performance features

    Of course, the Smart ZDrive adapts to all the most popular simulators on the market, providing the most realistic indoor cycling experiences. In addition, it offers the most modern and sophisticated features to enhance the experience. Likewise, it has been equipped with a magnetic braking system of last generation that allows to obtain a more precise and realistic sensation.

  • Train, reduce power consumption and improve performance

    The ZYCLE direct drive trainer reduces the power consumption by half compared to any other trainer available on the market. This is possible thanks to the new electronic system designed to allow you to train without any other concern than to improve your performance and your records in each indoor cycling session.

Discover the Smart ZDrive direct drive roller

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What does the Smart ZDrive drive roller offer me?

1.800 W power

± 2.5% Watt Estimation

USB Connection

Magnetic Brake

Incredible pedaling sensations

With this interactive direct drive roller you will enjoy the most realistic pedaling sensations, as if you were on the ground. The magnetic resistance, the braking system and the latest generation attachment to the axles of your bike are part of the set of technological innovations with which this device has been equipped to offer a more fluid sensation and a fully achieved slope simulation when pedaling.

Innovative USB connection

To refer to a direct drive roller and technological innovation with maximum performance is to talk about Smart ZDrive. This device is prepared to offer you a high quality and very stable, lossless connection with the main simulators thanks to its USB port connection.

Simulators compatible with this direct drive roller

ZYCLE gives you the ability to train with the most popular cycling simulators on the market. It also offers high quality connectivity, no dropouts and is very easy to link to your indoor cycling trainer.

Compatibility with 29" wheels

The ZYCLE Smart ZDrive roller is compatible with wheels from 26" to 29" inches. Thanks to the design of its legs you can modify the height of the roller to be able to use the roller with different wheel sizes.

Compatible with ZPower

You can use the ZYCLE Smart ZDrive roller without plugging it into the mains, using the ZYCLE ZPower battery (product not included).

Compatibility with 8V to 12V cassettes

The ZYCLE Smart ZDrive roller core is compatible with 8V to 12V cassettes from Shimano and SRAM.

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What's in the box of this interactive direct drive roller?

Power estimation

Accuracy in the estimation of the developed power of 2.5%.

Automatic adjustment

Automatic resistance adjustment according to the route and great pedal feel.

Compatible axles

9mm, 12mm and Boost.


Measures speed and cadence for realistic cycling feel and responsiveness.

Compatible cassettes

Shimano / SRAM 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12V speeds for HG (Hyper Glide) cores and SRAM XDR 11 and 12V with the XDR number.


USB, ANT+ and Bluetooth FTMS.

Weight 17 KG

Elevate your experience with an unparalleled workout.


510 mm x 530 mm x 500 mm

Smart ZDrive direct drive roller: Features

What's in the box of this interactive direct drive roller?

USB connection cable
Adapter bushings
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