Magnetica o mecanica descubre cual es la mejor bicicleta estatica para ti

Magnetic or mechanical? Find out which is the best exercise bike for you

Choosing an exercise bike is a complicated task considering the wide variety of options on the market. In addition, exercise bikes can be of many different types and each of them has different features, such as upright, recumbent, folding, assault (or air) and spinning (or indoor) bikes. Likewise, these can present different types of resistance that influence the time of exercise or our indoor cycling training. In this article we help you to solve all your doubts. We analyze the characteristics of each type of exercise bike, as well as the difference between magnetic and mechanical exercise bikes. Read on to find out more!

Types of exercise bikes

The first thing to keep in mind, before clarifying whether it is better to opt for a stationary bike with magnetic resistance or a mechanical one, is to know what the different types of exercise bikes there are. As we indicated in the introduction, these can vary depending on the features they offer and the use to be made of them. These are the most popular models and their characteristics.

Upright exercise bike

It is one of the most basic models available, which is why they are very economical. This type of bicycles are good for beginners who want to start with a cardiovascular training. They also stand out for being very light and compact, however, they are not recommended for intense workouts.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

The recumbent exercise bike is very similar to the upright exercise bike, with the difference that it provides a more comfortable posture -which reduces the tension between the back and neck-. It is recommended for beginners who are new to exercise and for people with joint pain or back problems. However, they are more difficult to pedal on compared to upright bikes.

Folding exercise bike

The folding exercise bike, on the other hand, is another type of exercise bike. It has the advantage, as its name suggests, of being foldable, which means that it takes up very little space and can be easily transported. However, if you are looking for an intense workout, it is better to opt for a superior model because folding bikes are less stable and less robust. They are also less comfortable compared to other exercise bikes.

Assault exercise bike

The assault exercise bike, or air exercise bike is a very different model from the rest. These are intended for military, police and firefighter training, mainly, as they are used in high intensity workouts. The purpose of this bike is to push your limits to the maximum as it has a fan that drives the resistance and allows you to control the intensity of the workout itself.

Indoor exercise bike

These are the most popular bike models among cyclists and fitness enthusiasts. This type of exercise bikes are also known as spinning bikes, they allow you to pedal standing up and down from the saddle. These are more robust, stable and serious bike models. They are focused on improving your marks and increasing your athletic performance, and depending on the resistance, you can have a much more realistic cycling experience -but instead of going out on the road, practicing it at home-.

Magnetic or mechanical exercise bike: Which one is better for me?

As with rollers, since we can find different models depending on the type of resistance, something similar happens with exercise bikes -depending on whether it is a magnetic or mechanical stationary bike-. Therefore, once you know what type of exercise bike you want to buy, it is important to decide whether it should be equipped with a mechanical or magnetic resistance system. We will explain the characteristics of each of them.

Mechanical exercise bike

The system of bicycles with mechanical resistance is the one that comes included in the most economical models of bicycles on the market – in addition to being the oldest type of resistance there is. It is based on an inertia disk that is braked by brake pads. Of course, the heavier the disk, the smoother and more comfortable the pedaling will be. This system also has a mechanical adjustment that can be easily configured by simply turning a knob to change the resistance levels.

Magnetic exercise bike

The magnetic resistance of the exercise bike also includes an inertia disk, but this is braked by magnets – hence it is a magnetic resistance. The braking, as such, takes place without the disc and the magnets coming into contact with each other, which helps the movement to be more fluid and constant. This can also be electromechanical, which means that the braking of the disc is controlled from the bike’s computer for a much more realistic experience – very similar to road or mountain biking. Bikes with magnetic resistance allow you to adjust both the resistance levels and the training program directly from the display or from the buttons that are integrated into the handlebars. These bikes offer the possibility of a more demanding workout, as is the case with indoor bikes.

Exercise bike mechanism: other aspects to take into account

As is obvious, it is essential that your exercise bike has several resistance levels, since these are what define the intensity of the workouts and what will allow you to improve your performance. In addition, as we explained, magnetic resistors are always the best option due to their special characteristics. Now, it is important to take into account another series of aspects that influence when choosing a magnetic bike. These are:

  • Flywheel weight.
  • Total weight of the bicycle.
  • Maximum weight that the bicycle can support.
  • Programs incorporated in the system.
  • Intelligent systems with connectivity to virtual simulators.
  • Handlebar and saddle height adjustments.
  • Vehicle dimensions.
  • Price.
  • Other features.

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