Indoor cycling: features, benefits and tips

Cardio exercises and activities have become more popular in recent years, as have the machines with which to practice them. These are available in most gyms, but also for home use. In fact, more and more people are practicing activities such as indoor cycling (or indoor cycling) and spinning at home. In this article we want to help you understand what indoor cycling is and its characteristics. We also explain the benefits of indoor cycling and some tips on training and how to practice it correctly. Read on to find out more!

What is indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling or indoor cycling is a physical activity that is performed on a type of exercise bike. This device perfectly simulates cycling, as it gives us the option to lean back, stand up and position ourselves as we would do with a normal bicycle, but with the difference that it is fixed. In addition, it has a lot of benefits both for improving cycling performance and for fitness in general. As we mentioned in the introduction, this activity works the cardiovascular area, and can be performed in fitness rooms or gyms, as well as at home. Generally, cycling or indoor cycling is practiced to the rhythm of music and following the instructions of an instructor or the indications of a simulator. During the activity, the intensity of the gears is changed -simulating, for example, that we are climbing a mountain with our road bike- and the strength of the legs is worked by standing on the indoor bike.

When we talk about indoor cycling or indoor cycling we can also mention the practice of cycling with a professional bicycle, but through a smart roller or bicycle roller -the latter allows us to use the bike as if we were outdoors, but without it moving-. In the end, both types of activities give us the feeling of pedaling outdoors.

Benefits of indoor cycling

Talking about benefits, indoor cycling and advantages for the athlete is very similar to talking about the benefits of cycling, although -as it is obvious- with some differences, since indoor cycling is practiced indoors. In this section we explain the advantages of indoor cycling, benefits and recommendations to take into account.

Benefits of indoor cycling: improving your endurance

This is one of the main benefits of indoor cycling or indoor cycling. This is because it works the cardiovascular area, which increases the maximum heart rate (MHR) and the blood is pumped to the muscles. This is very useful to improve the cardiorespiratory capacity or ability to oxygenate the muscles and remove carbon dioxide from the cells, which translates directly into endurance.

Indoor cycling benefits: you lose weight

Of course, to talk about indoor cycling, benefits and advantages is also to talk about losing weight. And is that this type of activity, regardless of whether it is practiced with a bicycle type Cyclo or a bicycle roller, will help you lose weight because it is a high intensity exercise that improves fat metabolism and energy consumption by the body. As a reference, keep in mind that with a 45-minute indoor cycling session you can consume 800 kcal.

Benefits of indoor cycling: strengthen your legs

Among the most outstanding benefits of indoor cycling we also find the strengthening of the muscles, specifically the legs due to the effort made. In addition, if combined with strength training and a diet high in protein, the results will be much more noticeable and muscle mass will increase while reducing the percentage of fat.

Benefits of indoor cycling: you can do it indoors

The main advantage of indoor cycling over traditional cycling is that you can do it indoors, so you don’t have to worry about checking the weather as you would otherwise when organizing a ride. In addition, you can acclimatize the room according to your needs.

Benefits of indoor cycling: reduce stress

Exercise, in general, helps to reduce stress thanks to the release of various types of hormones such as endorphins that are produced in our brain and generate an effect of pleasure and well-being.

Benefits of Indoor Cycling: Improved Posture and Flexibility

When we talk about indoor cycling, benefits and recommendations, it is also important to mention the ability to improve posture and flexibility. In the case of posture, because in addition to strengthening the muscles of the legs, it also strengthens the muscles of the back and shoulders, which helps us to maintain a correct posture. Regarding flexibility, on the other hand, because you work considerably the mobility of joints and muscles.

Benefits of indoor cycling: it’s fun

And last but not least, keep in mind that practicing this type of activity is always fun because they tend to be very dynamic, motivating and cheerful. In addition, when done in a group – in general – there is greater motivation and entertainment.

Indoor cycling training: tips to practice it correctly

Now that you know the benefits of this activity, it is important that you take into account some tips on indoor cycling training. Let’s take a look at them in brief:

  • Use indoor cycling training charts: If you have a cycling bike or cycling simulation at home, choose to make use of indoor cycling training charts. These indicate the intensity at which you should work, the recommended time, development and cadence, among others.
  • Stretch and warm up beforehand: Before getting on the bike, stretch, as you would do with any other activity, paying special attention to your knees, arms and back. Afterwards, warm up by pedaling at a gentle pace on the bike.
  • Adjust the bike to you: To avoid injury and to make the exercise much more comfortable and enjoyable, always adjust the bike to you. It is important that you maintain a correct posture at all times.
  • Equip yourself: While exercising, always carry a bottle of water and a towel to remove sweat from your face and even your hands. In addition, wear breathable, elastic and comfortable clothes to practice exercise and work at maximum performance.

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