Discover the ZRoller: the trainer roller designed especially for you!

Discover the ZRoller: the trainer roller designed especially for you!




Improve your performance, technique and pedalling co-ordination with the ZRoller

This training roller is designed to help you improve your balance, concentration and total control on the bike. It is an ideal device for professional cyclists who do their indoor training at home and for warm-ups before any competition in the field. And best of all, it adapts to any unevenness! You will notice how your performance and cycling technique improve from the very first moment you use it.

* Indicative images. The current model includes a metal roller.

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  • Easy-to-fold and transport roller roller

    In just 2 seconds your rolling pin is folded or unfolded thanks to its practical 3-part design. This makes it considerably easier to transport and store at home when not in use.

  • A balance roller that adapts to all terrains

    The balance roller or bicycle roller is designed to adapt to almost any terrain, regardless of uneven surfaces. It adjusts to the terrain by correcting unevenness and compensating for it with its structure.

  • High lightness and stability

    This bicycle training roller is designed with high quality materials for sturdiness and stability. In addition, its lightweight steel frame is light and easy to transport from one place to another.

Discover the ZRoller trainer roller

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Outstanding features of the bicycle trainer roller

Easy to transport


For any bicycle

High stability

Suitable for all types of bicycles

Mountain or road, it doesn't matter. This device has up to 22 different sizes that allow you to adjust it to use it as a road bike trainer or as a mountain bike trainer; both at home or anywhere else. It also offers 2 different positions depending on the inches of each wheel, so it can fit any size bike!

Support bases
G-Shock acting as suspension

ZRoller has G-Shock type support bases that act as suspension, cushioning the impacts generated by the efforts, as well as correcting the cyclist's movements. It is very useful to avoid overloads, vibrations in the buttocks and/or injuries in the lumbar area and back.

Recommended option for professional warm-ups

In addition to improving balance, concentration and control on the bike during training, this trainer is designed to be used in professional warm-ups prior to any competition. It can be carried comfortably, is lightweight and adapts to any terrain.

Designed to offer great stability and improve your balance

It is designed to cushion impacts and correct the cyclist's movements, improving balance and stability on the bike.

Supports a high load capacity

ZRoller is one of the rollers with the highest load capacity. This device can carry a maximum load capacity of more than 500 kg and works very well at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

Great versatility of use

It can be used as a road bike roller and as a mountain bike roller. In addition, it can be adapted to any bike size from 950 mm to 1180 mm.

ZRoller, your chance to excel in cycling

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Features of the ZRoller Bicycle Training Roller

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