Cubiertas para rodillo que tienen de especial

Roller covers: What’s so special about them?

The bicycle wheel cover plays a very important role in improving performance during our workouts, in addition to other advantages that we explain in this article. Do you plan to use your trainer for a long period of time? Then we recommend that you purchase a special roller bike tire. In this article we explain why.

What are roller tires?

The tires of a bicycle, or bicycle tires, are the first structure of the wheel – the carcass – usually made of rubber and resin. They form the tread that serves to cushion the tire and protect the inner tube that holds the air in the wheel. Not using special roller tires can have some negative consequences, such as faster wear of conventional tires. But not only that, it can also reduce the performance of your training session. And it is that the roller cover is specially designed to work with it, especially if it is a trainer roller in which this part of the bike comes into direct contact with it. These have significant differences with respect to conventional road or MTB tires, as we see below.

Roller tire: special features

The roller bicycle tire has a number of special features that differentiate it from conventional tires, as mentioned above. These are some of the most significant ones:

  • Roller cover material: The material of the special roller cover is more resistant and synthetic, as well as lightweight.
  • The tread pattern: The roller tire has a smooth design, unlike other bicycle tires.
  • Puncture resistance: Another special feature of the tires is their resistance to punctures. They can perfectly last for 2 to 3 years with normal use on rollers only.
  • Great compatibility: The roller tire is not special for each brand of roller, on the contrary. They are compatible with virtually all rollers, and it is also possible to find a wide variety of models for different wheels.

Advantages of the roller cover

As we explained in the introduction, the roller bike tire has several advantages. First, because they improve efficiency by being made of a special material for rolling on rollers -reducing interference and any other factor that can diminish performance-. They also wear less frequently than conventional tires. However, the main advantage lies in their lack of tread or smooth surface. What does this mean? Apart from less resistance to pedaling, it makes the tires significantly quieter. The composition of the rubber reduces noise when training – and avoids disturbing yourself and your neighbors – especially if you ride an MTB-type bike.

How to fit a roller tire: a simple explanation

If you have already decided to change the tire on your trainer, then it is important to learn how to do it – if you don’t know how yet. To do so, consider the following steps:

  1. Place the tire on the sidewalls: The first thing you should do is to insert the tire on one of the sidewalls of the bicycle rim -around the diameter or half of the wheel-. It is important that you pay attention to its measurements so that it is compatible with the size of the wheel.
  2. Place the inner tube: The next step is to place the inner tube between the rim and the tire. Keep in mind that the tire is loose, so you will have room to do it (the inner tube should be slightly inflated, this will facilitate the process by not deforming while placing it). You must place the valve through the hole in the rim and then insert it around the entire tire. It is important that the tire is not bent or wrinkled. Do it little by little and always in the same position.
  3. Finish putting on the cover: The last step is to finish putting on the cover. You will need to do this by closing the other side of the tire – when the inner tube is already inside – and you may need to use a tire lever to do this. At this point, the inner tube should already be inflated. Be careful, you could puncture the inner tube by accident, and you’re ready to start your indoor cycling session!

However, if you want to avoid having to change the tire every time you use your bike for indoor training, you can also choose to replace the rear wheel with a spare tire with the special roller tire – for example, if you use a direct drive roller. Of course, this will considerably improve your comfort and reduce the preparation times before each workout.

Which roller bike tire to use?

The choice of covers is a complex issue, since there is a wide variety of models on the market. It is important to bear in mind, however, that in environments with a lack of humidity some tires can generate a large amount of static energy due to friction with the metal cylinder of the rollers and this, in some cases, could generate interference with electronic circuits. It is also advisable to avoid tires and clincher tires with anti-puncture reinforcements or materials that reduce friction for the same reason mentioned above. The ideal is always to make use of a special roller tire, which is in good condition and has the correct pressure. At ZYCLE we offer you some recommendations for roller tires. Have you tried any of them?

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