Los mejores accesorios para practicar ciclismo indoor

The best accessories for indoor cycling

To practice indoor cycling you have two options, equip yourself with an exercise bike specialized in indoor cycling, such as the new ZBike 2.0, or use your usual bike with a professional roller. However, although they are not essential, you can also choose to improve your experience by using indoor cycling accessories. Keep in mind that these types of products are very varied and offer a myriad of possibilities to improve performance, comfort, the autonomy of our indoor cycling equipment and even to facilitate the monitoring of virtual sessions with cycling simulators, among others. In this article we review the ZYCLE indoor cycling accessories that you can find on our website and their features. Don’t you know them yet? Keep reading and make every session with your exercise bike and/or trainer amazing.

ZYCLE bicycle mat

The mat is an indoor cycling accessory designed to improve your comfort during your training sessions at home. With it you will reduce vibrations when using the indoor bike, as well as the bike roller. In addition, of course, to protect the floor against possible scratches or sweat stains. It is a bicycle mat made of high quality rubber material that isolates the floor from vibrations, reduces noise and offers a long service life. Discover it here!

ZCore Indoor Cycling Heart Rate Monitor

When cycling indoors, it is highly advisable to know your heart rate to maximize your efficiency during workouts, as well as to minimize the risk of injury. This ZYCLE device is a chest heart rate monitor for indoor cycling designed to provide accurate measurements, it is also very easy to link with other devices thanks to its Bluetooth 4.0 technology and ANT+ system. On the other hand, it is important to note that the accessory for indoor cycling offers high water resistance (IP67 certification) and has a light indicator that improves visibility during the session. You can learn more about the ZYCLE heart rate monitor band here.

ZPower Battery

Among the accessories for exercise bikes, you can’t miss the ZPower battery from ZYCLE, which gives you the possibility to train wherever you want and at any time. With it you will not need to depend on a power outlet to connect your ZBike 2.0 or smart trainer. It uses a Plug & Play connection system that facilitates changes in a simple and intuitive way and with the minimum possible intervention by the user. All you have to do is plug in the battery and start training. Learn more here.

Tablet support

If you like to train using your tablet to follow the main indoor cycling simulators, then the tablet holder for smart exercise bike is a must for your indoor cycling equipment. With it, it is very comfortable to see and follow the routes of your cycling simulator while using the ZBike, since you will have the tablet in front of you. This accessory also fits all tablets as it has an adjustable design -regardless of their size-. You won’t have to worry about dropping it. You can see it in our store here.

ZYCLE Smart Exercise Bike Transformer

The ZYCLE exercise bike and trainer transformer is designed to use the battery in both the ZBike 2.0 and the Smart ZPro trainer without any problem. This device adjusts the battery current to use your devices safely, avoiding electrical overloads or possible breakdowns. In addition, it is very easy to install and you can find it at a very competitive price here.

XDR core

When talking about rollers, direct drive and ZDrive compatibility, the XDR core is a must. This is a SRAM AXS drivetrain core prepared to accept any SRAM XD/R 11 and 12V cassette -regardless of the type of bike, such as gravel or cyclocross-. In other words, with it you can considerably expand the compatibility of Smart ZDrive with all types of bicycles, as well as improve efficiency on road bikes. You can buy it here!

Accessories for exercise bikes: USB ANT+

The ANT+ USB stick is designed to pair your ZYCLE devices with the most popular cycling training simulators on the market using this technology. The ANT+ protocol technology is very stable, avoiding signal losses, and allows the pairing of two devices with each other so that they can communicate and transfer information from one to the other without the need to use cables. You can see it here.


Using a ZYCLE stand is ideal for training comfortably with your trainer. With it you can improve the position, as it slightly raises the front wheel, and achieve a more natural posture. But not only that, the ZYCLE bike stand makes training more effective because it reduces friction, rubbing and slipping. It is made of high quality materials that provide great hardness and resistance to wear. You can learn more about it here.

Thru axle roller

And finally, we talk about the Thru Axle 12 mm Thru Axle that you can also find in our catalog of accessories for indoor cycling. This is ideal for bicycle rollers and rear wheels as it allows you to adapt your bike to the Smart ZPro roller as long as its rear axle is 12 mm. At ZYCLE we have up to 7 different models that vary depending on the length and thread pitch of closure. These are the following:

  • Through axle between 174 and 180 mm – 1.75.
  • Through shaft between 172 and 178 mm – 1.5.
  • Through shaft between 167 and 174 mm – 1.75.
  • Thru axle between 154 and 172 mm – 1.5.
  • Through axle between 154 and 172 mm – 1.0.
  • Thru axle 180 mm – 1.25.
  • Thru axle 165 mm – 1.0.

You can see all available options here.

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