Descubre nuestros productos ZYCLE, toda la informacion que necesitas saber

Discover our ZYCLE products, all the information you need to know

Indoor cycling is becoming increasingly popular with professional athletes who want to improve their performance and take advantage of the benefits of training at home, as well as with fitness enthusiasts. Modern and sophisticated professional exercise bikes, as well as cycling rollers (of all types), open up a wide range of possibilities for using your bike in an enclosed space without having to leave your home. Even the different accessories for indoor cycling that are essential to improve our experience.

At ZYCLE we know what we are talking about, since we have the most advanced smart bike on the market and direct drive rollers, smart and rollers; as well as different specialized accessories for the world of indoor cycling. Have you still not tried the advantages of an indoor bike or a bicycle roller? In this article we explain what our products are and their features, so you can start as soon as possible with your favorite sport. Let’s get to it!

ZBike indoor bike

The ZYCLE ZBike indoor cycling bike is the most advanced on the market. This model of indoor cycling bike has been manufactured with the most modern and sophisticated technology in the sector, thanks to which you can practice cycling at home in a professional manner, but also perform exercise and fitness training. It has an incredible power that reaches up to 2,000 W at 120 rpm. In addition, another of the most outstanding aspects is its silent system -one of the quietest on the market due to its integrated Poly-V belt-. This model of smart indoor bikes also surprises the user with its reliable power estimation, its advanced automatic resistance, its low noise level, its revolutionary electronic shifting and its compatibility with most cycling simulators.

In addition, its Q factor – which corresponds to the distance between the two legs when pedaling – has been optimized for more efficient pedaling, generating as much power as possible with a fair and precise energy expenditure. The Q-factor on our indoor ZBike is 188 mm, which guarantees a smoother pedal stroke, improved posture and a feeling similar to that of a professional outdoor bike. The ZBike is not just any bicycle, it is a unique model if you want to improve your professional cycling records, but also if you love fitness and want to practice it at home with an exercise bike of the highest quality. Learn more about it here.

Smart ZDrive

Would you like to feel like you are pedaling your bike outside without having to leave your home? When talking about roller, bike and ZYCLE, you can’t miss our direct drive model, the Smart ZDrive. It has a number of advantages over competing training rollers. The first is that the ZYCLE direct drive trainer is compatible with any type of bike, whether it’s an MTB, gravel bike, eBike… Another major advantage is that it offers great resistance at low speed, with a maximum power of 375 W at 10 km/h. And, of course, our direct drive trainer will allow you to feel incredibly realistic pedaling sensations.

This roller will make you enjoy training at home living a very real experience, in fact it is able to simulate an incline of up to 20% while you use your bike and train with your favorite cycling simulator. In addition, it has a lot of technological innovations that make it one of the preferred options for many users, such as its latest generation magnetic resistance and braking system, and the attachment to the quality axles for a more fluid feeling and very successful simulations when pedaling. Learn more about it here.

Smart ZPro

ZYCLE’s ZPro bike trainer is one of the most popular versions on the market when it comes to a smart trainer. This bike roller offers the most realistic cycling sensations in your living room, as it has been designed with a state-of-the-art resistance that automatically adjusts to the route of any cycling simulator without the user having to carry out any complementary action. In addition, it reaches a maximum power of up to 1,2000 W. It is also important to note that it offers great compatibility with any type of wheels, from 20″ to 29″ wheels thanks to its adjustable axle design.

It is also a low-noise model thanks to its magnetic brake and ventilation system, as well as guaranteeing great stability and safety during use. Smart ZPro eliminates falls and destabilization from the equation thanks to its design with telescopic legs that take into account the user’s safety, so you can focus on your workouts and improve performance. Find out more about it here!

ZRoller Trainer

Trainer ZRoller is a roller (or balance roller). This is undoubtedly one of the best rollers to use for indoor training as well as for warming up before any competition (outdoors). It is foldable and very easy to transport, it is also very light. With it you can improve your performance, technique and pedaling coordination getting total control over your bike; it is also the most economical option and is suitable for any type of bike because it has up to 22 different sizes. This bike trainer has, on the other hand, G-Shock support bases that act as suspension to avoid overloads, vibrations in the buttocks and possible injuries in the lumbar area or back.

Another highlight of our Trainer ZRoller roller is that it adapts to all types of terrain, even if the surfaces are uneven! Its design allows it to adapt to virtually any terrain by correcting unevenness and compensating for it with its structure. Of course, it is manufactured with the highest quality materials that provide robustness and stability to our product. You can learn more about it here.

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