Estas son las novedades ZYCLE descubrelas

These are the new ZYCLE products, discover them!

Indoor cycling training offers us a lot of advantages, especially because we can practice it anywhere without having to leave the comfort of home. This means that we can use our bike on rainy days or when the weather is bad; or simply when we don’t feel like going out or don’t have time to organize a route with our bike, but we don’t want to deprive ourselves of our favorite sport. Indoor cycling workouts are becoming more and more popular and that’s why at ZYCLE we work hard to offer you lots of news and all the current content you need to know more about indoor cycling. Here’s what’s new at ZYCLE, read on to find out more!

ZYCLE news, the latest in our catalog

At ZYCLE we are leaders in the sale of indoor cycling equipment, such as our ZBike indoor bike and our rollers. Something that characterizes all our products is the cutting-edge technology and the large number of features with which they are equipped. We use the latest technology and innovation in the manufacture of our products. We also offer a wide range of cycling products, including our accessories, which will allow you to complement and expand the functions while using your bike or roller and improve your indoor cycling training.

New ZYCLE website designed for users

If you are a regular user of ZYCLE you will have noticed that our website has undergone a radical change. Our new portal has been redesigned to improve the browsing experience for users so that they can comfortably access any of our products without complications, but also so that they can see in just a few seconds what are the features and benefits of each of them. In the new ZYCLE website you can access our product catalog and buy online our indoor cycling bike ZBike, as well as our Smart ZDrive, Smart ZPro and Trainer ZRoller rollers; or any of our accessories for indoor cycling. But not only that, on our new website you will also find an informative portal where you can learn about the latest developments in the world of indoor cycling, as well as discover information and advice from experts in the sector. And, of course, we have put at your disposal a contact form and information about our company so you can learn more about us and ask us any questions, incidents or doubts about our products.

ZBike 2.0 bike, a reedition for professional cycling and fitness

We always have our customers in mind, that’s why we regularly update our products with the latest news, so you can enjoy the latest technology in any of them. The latest of these has been the re-release of our ZBike smart bike. The new version 2.0 continues to be the most advanced smart bike on the market and is ideal for professional cycling at home, but also for fitness exercises. This functional exercise bike hybrid between cycling and fitness features a revolutionary integrated electronic gear shifter and offers a very high power output of up to 2,000 W at 120 rpm. In addition, it is one of the quietest models in the world. When using it, you won’t have to worry about noise – something you may have noticed in other competing models. This is because it has a mechanical transmission system and an optimized design with an integrated Poly-V belt. On the other hand, the revolutionary electronic shifter on the handlebars has been designed with two integrated buttons that allow you to change gears comfortably, as well as adjust the resistance on any other model.

Our indoor cycling app

ZYCLE has also optimized the brand’s indoor cycling app for both Android and iOS. With it you can register the warranty of your product and make use of it at any time – as with the previous version – but also access many other functions. Some of the most outstanding ones are the following:

  • Live metrics: by installing the app on your smartphone or tablet you can access live metrics from the training tab and consult data on power and cadence in real time. But not only that, you can also see calories burned, distance traveled, session time and perform intuitive resistance power adjustment on your ZYCLE device.
  • Technical support assistance: If you need assistance with our technical support in the ZYCLE app you will be able to contact us without any problems.
  • Coupons for the main cycling simulators: Another advantage of the indoor cycling app is that you can access a complete list of the most popular cycling simulators on the market and apply the free ZYCLE coupons on them when downloading the apps.

The new ZYCLE app offers, on the other hand, a quick and intuitive registration. All you have to do is enter your email address and personal data to create a user account and link your devices, activate the warranty and enjoy all the other features.

Indoor cycling: buying and making the right choice – follow our advice!

We know that there are many options available on the market when it comes to indoor cycling, but when it comes to choosing a quality product – both a bike and any type of trainer – it is important that you take into account a series of tips. From ZYCLE we recommend that you look at the following:

  • Choose a quality device: Price is one of the most important factors to be taken into account by users, but sometimes cheap is expensive. It is important to find a balance and choose a product that meets quality requirements in order to make the right choice. Otherwise, it is likely that your bike or trainer will have problems in a short time. Keep in mind that these devices are usually subjected to a heavy workload, especially if you use your bike professionally.
  • Technology and innovation: Another fundamental aspect to take into account is technology and innovation. There is no point in buying an obsolete product, no matter how well priced it is, if you can’t enjoy the latest features with it. For example, linking it to cycling simulators to enjoy a very realistic cycling experience. In addition, of course, it must be equipped with the latest technologies, such as the latest generation resistors that offer a unique experience, a smooth pedaling and allow you to attach any bike or accessories.
  • User support and warranty: Finally, make sure that the brand offers user support and complies with the legal warranty. It is important that the brand can respond to any defect or unjustifiable deterioration and seek the best solution for the user.

At ZYCLE we offer you all these guarantees and more. Do you want to know more about our products and services? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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