The networks have exploded with a photo in which a cyclist is seen smoking while cycling a stage with his teammates.
Although we do not know the source of the photograph, we are sure that it is a real image because, although it may seem strange, it is not necessary to look far to find photographs of cyclists smoking while cycling or at the end of races.

We even found the likes of Eddy Mercx advertising tobacco!

You don’t need a master’s degree in medicine to know that smoking is bad for you. But ALWAYS, the cyclist who smokes will be more adversely affected. Why?

For starters, the first thing that will be affected is the cardiovascular system. Oh surprise!

The very thing you have to use and work on to increase your aerobic capacity and be able to push yourself to perform better, not forgetting recovery when you get off the bike. Recovery will be much slower and muscle catabolism or destruction will also be greater due to the increase in an enzyme that degrades muscle.

Tobacco causes exactly the opposite of what we are looking for with training. But we can highlight among them

1.-The increase in carbon monoxide is greater in the blood because it causes a loss of oxygen in the haemoglobin.

2.- Difficulty in capturing and retaining oxygen by the alveoli.

3.-Decrease of oxygen at muscular level due to poor gas exchange at pulmonary level.

4.- Arterial vasoconstriction which causes a decrease in oxygen at muscular level.

In addition, smokers have a higher heart rate as nicotine causes an acceleration of the heart rate which reduces the amount of blood reaching the heart and increases blood pressure.

Obviously, the most visible consequences will come to light when the smoker cyclist is exposed to demanding situations where he has to push himself to the limit. Not to mention the propensity to suffer from arrhythmias and tachycardia.

Do you still have a reason to light up?