Did you about this kind of Tinder for cyclists?

It is a dating website, where the main bond between users is the love for cycling.

The aim of this dating website for cyclists is to create a community of singles who share a passion for cycling regardless of their level.

The portal is called Cycling Dating and allows you to meet people of all levels, from experts to amateurs, whether they are MTB, BMX or road cycling enthusiasts, etc.

Thanks to its filtering program you can choose the age range, gender as well as distance.

It is very easy to use, to use the platform you just need to set up your user profile with personal information, add a profile picture, your favourite rides, other sports and hobbies you have… and start chatting!

However, there are two modes of use: a limited free version that allows the user to create a fairly basic profile with a profile picture and perform a maximum of 10 “flirting” reactions with 10 different users.

The <<flirt>> action is like liking the other person or what would be a match on Tinder. If you want a more extensive and less limited version, there is a paid version that has no restrictions and offers more possibilities of use.