The most advanced indoor bike on the market.

Perfect for a hybrid use between cycling and fitness thanks to its reliable power measurement and integrated gearshift.

Hybrid use

Simulate your favorite outdoor routes or train with the best indoor cycling sessions. Any discipline is possible with our ZBike.

Innovative gear shifting

The ZBike handlebar has two built-in buttons to allow you to easily shift gears and adjust the resistance at any time.

Reliable measurements

Thanks to a precise calibration process, the ZBike provides cycling power measurement with 3% accuracy, as well as cadence and speed information.

Extremely quiet

Its Poly-V belt and advanced mechanical transmission system make the ZBike one of the quietest indoor training devices on the market.

Built-in USB charger

Next to the handlebar connector, you will find a USB socket to charge your smartphone or tablet during your training session


A new multi-position handlebar offers a full range of hand positions so that you can pedal comfortably.

Optimised Q factor

A narrower Q factor, just 188 mm, guarantees a smoother ride, improved posture and bicycle-like sensations. Factor Q is optimized.

The perfect position

The V-shaped design means that the bike can be adjusted to fit anyone between 160 cm and 195 cm tall by simply adjusting the seat height, handlebar height and handlebar reach. The measurements on the seat posts enable precise adjustment.

Train with the leading simulators
market’s simulator with ZYCLE!

Our ZYCLE products are designed so that you get the most out of your indoor training. The automatic resistance adjustment offers a completely realistic experience with unmatched data reliability in power, velocity and cadence. Connect with the most popular indoor training apps on the market.







Our accesories

AC power adapter

Compatible with ZGo, ZPro and ZBike.