Complete your experience with the best accessories

ZCore heart rate

A light, accurate and easy to use heart rate.

Minimizes risk of injury, maximizes training data.
Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ technology
Real-time heart rate.
Water resistant: IP67
Workout light mode.

ZPower Battery

Train where you want, when you want andwith whoever you want.

The ZPower battery is designed to be able to use your ZYCLE
without having to be connected to the electrical current.


Once the battery is charged, you just have to
connect your ZPro or ZBike trainer to the battery
to start training.


Inside the box you will find the power cable compatible
with the ZPro trainer and ZBike Smart Bike.

To recharge the ZPower battery you must use the
power supply that comes with your ZPro / ZBike.

Thru Axel 12mm

12 mm thru-axle with different thread pitches depending on the model / brand of your bike. This accessory is necessary to be able to adapt your bicycle to the ZYCLE trainers.

Download the ZYCLE template to find out the thru-axle your bike model needs:

Measures template

Training Mat

ZYCLE training mat. This accessory will help you reduce noise and vibrations during your training. Floor protection from sweating during indoor training sessions

Dimensions: 1820 x 914 x 6 mm

Weight: 2.6 Kg


USB ANT + antenna to pair your device with simulators such as Bkool, Zwift, Trainer road, Rouvy… by ANT + protocol.

ZYCLE Sweat-guard

The ZYCLE sweat-guard is compatible with smartphones with a maximum size of 138mm x 68mm. It is made from an absorbent textile and allows you to use your device during your workout.